Saturday, January 28, 2012

Small Town, Big (City) Dreams #5

To Theory or not to Theory...

As a 2nd – year graduate student, I am required to enroll in a class that serves as a capstone to our experiences in Student Affairs. While sitting in class, listening to a set of panelists talking about “job one” the question about how much of our theoretical insights should enter in the job search process, especially the interview portion. As an answer to this question, one panelist commented that those going through the interview process need to be cautious about how much theory enters into the interview, because it can intimidate the employer who does not come from a similar theoretical background. I let this comment soak in. I’ve never been one to proclaim theory is the end-all be-all in my practice, but it has been a central part of the last two years of my life. I never claim to be a-theoretical in any aspect of my life…there is intentionality behind how I conduct myself as a professional. (I really have come to dislike the word intentionality, due to the buzz-word status is has gained in the field, but I chose to use it anyways…). So if this if theory and intention are a central part of my practice, how can I communicate this in an interview without intimidating potential employers?

In other news, I applied to my first two jobs this past week! Both are outside of Residence Life. While I’m not sure how competitive I’ll be for both of them, it’s inspiring to find positions that align with my passions and experiences!

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