Thursday, January 12, 2012

Take Me As I Am, Hire Me, or Leave Me! #2

#FF –  AKA Follow Friday

 Now that I have shared with you how wonderful Twitter has been to me, I would love to share the wealth with you!

The following are some of my favorite resources.

For those of you thinking about joining Twitter or are brand new Ed Cabbelon  is your go to man. ( TRUST ME!! I can’t wait to meet him In real life ( IRL) ) Check out his Blog: 

Here are my favorite  posts from his blog:
2.  In Teaching Twitter: Part DO, Ed explains the Do’s on how to take your Twitter adventure to the next adventure.
3. In TEACHING TWITTER (P3): ADVANCED GOOGLE SEARCH TIPS Ed explains how to use Twitter and Google together! Check it out:
 4. I haven’t been lucky enough to switch over yet but there is a New Twitter. If you have it and don’t understand it Ed will teach you about It in this blog post: The New, New Twitter & Higher Education

You can follow Ed on Twitter: @edcabellon

I would explain this next resource as the hidden gem of  Student Affairs , also known as the Student Affairs Collaborative. Take and look and let me know what you think.

If you want to connect with other professionals,  the @The_sa_blog hosts a chat every Thursday from 12-1pm CST . Come join us, We would love to hear from you!  Please follow the @the_sa_blog

Here are the few Student Affairsback channels to follow:
#Sachat ( student affairs chat)
#Sagrad ( student affairs grad)
#Sapro ( student affairs professionals)
#WLsalt  (Find more about them here: )
#reslife ( res life)
#sadoc  ( for those who are earning their doctrate)
 ( There are so many, please share with me what you use!)

And if you don’t believe anything I just said take a look at this tweet:
@LaurenKappy: I am so thankful for the student affairs twitter universe. It such a powerful tool and sometimes you don't even realize it."

Since this blog post is titled #FF, below are a few people that I enjoy following because they provide me with awesome resources.

Clconzen Christopher Conzen- He’s cool because he’s from NJ!
DSchmidtRogers Deb Schmidt-Rogers-  one of the founders of #WLsalt
OberBecca Becca Obergefell- Becca is REAL proof that Twitter helped her with her job search! Read her blog post:
tbump Teri Bump- If you need help on how you should brand yourself Teri is your best resource!
NikiRudolph Niki Rudolph –Niki tweets out helpful articles.  My favorite tweets are about her kids!
annmarieklotz Ann Marie Klotz- Also known as soon to be DR. AMK. AMK is my res life resource. On the side she has a love for fashion.  There has been a few times where I almost hopped on a flight to Chicago  JUST to get the opportunity to go shopping with her.
LaurieABerry Laurie Berry - #sadoc inspiration!
JPKirchmeier Julie P-Kirchmeier –  Also known as JKP. JPK is an advocate for women in higher education
laurapasquini Laura Pasquini one of my favorite Canadians who has a love for technology .
amberagd Amber GarrisonDuncan – Amber tweets some great articles but she is my go to person for inspiration.
kristendom Kristen Abell- If you ever want a blunt opinion, Kristen will tell you how it is! I enjoy reading her blogs.
sethodell Seth Odell-  Founder of @HigherEdLive Check it out!
bethmoriarty Beth Moriarty-  Anything you need to know about parents of college students, Dr. Beth Moriarty can help you out.
BreakDrink BreakDrink- Current news and trends in SA
cindykane Cindy Kane-  Anything you need to know about leadership/involvement
JoeGinese Joseph Ginese- Rock star enough said… you will just have to follow him.
EricStoller Eric Stoller-  Very knowledgeable in the field.
stacyloliver – She is always making you think! 

I could go on forever but this is just a short list of those in this field who have provided me with wonderful information. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

I would love to hear your story of how the #sachat community has helped you! 

Until next time, 
Take me as I am! 

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  1. Twitter definitely helped in my job search as well - such a great resource to FIND jobs, talk to folks about institutions, and vent when you need to! My current supervisor was really excited when he found out that I found my [now] job listing on Twitter. It works wonders. :)