Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Small Town, Big (City) Dreams #24

As I file paperwork, unpack and repack my belongings in preparation to start my new position in July, I am overwhelmed at the chaos of the past few months. I presented at ACPA, passed my comprehensive exams, graduated with a Master of Science, accepted an amazing job. Again, I will be moving across the country to start a new chapter. I cannot wait for this new beginning. I have great feelings about this next move and am already inspired by the potential of the future. Here are a few tips that I have regarding the job search process:
  • ·      Conferences are not for everyone. The C3/TPE experience is an excellent opportunity to network and conduct first and second round interviews IF there are positions that you are interested in. None of my interviews at C3 resulted in an on-campus interview. However, I didn’t interview for any positions or institutions that I was particularly excited about! Make sure you do your research ahead of time.
  • ·      Discover what you want and make it happen. When I began the job search, I wanted to work at an art school on the east coast located in a large city. Kind of limited my possibilities, didn’t it? However, I can say that knowing what I wanted and why helped me land a job at an art school on the east coast located in a city!
  • ·      Flexibility. At first, I did not apply to any positions with a live-in component. However, living on campus is a smart financial move, especially with college debt, or for someone who is just starting out. I found that it was helpful to discuss with potential employers what their live-on/live-in experiences were like in order to prevent what I did not enjoy about my graduate assistantship.

Stay tuned next week with more words of advice from one job seeker to another!

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