Monday, April 9, 2012

Take Me As I Am, Hire Me, or Leave Me! #17

The Prep

Over the past week my mentors, students, friends and boss have been helping me prep for the big interview that will take place on Wednesday. I received my schedule last Thursday,  and for some reason that made everything feel "official"! That's when my excitement turned into a ball of nerves. EEEK!  There is so much to think about when you accept an on campus. From reading the school newspaper to the policies of on campus living to the strategic plan.  I  believe my mentors have done a fantastic job prepping me, now it's time for me to take control, be confident and just be myself.
 Deep in my gut I know this is THE job, however  I know that I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket. Thus far this position feels like a good fit. After my phone interview, I wanted go work for this university NOW! We clicked so well.  I can't wait to meet all the students, staff and take a tour of the campus! Lets hope they take me as I am :)

I will keep you posted!

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