Thursday, April 5, 2012

Small Town, Big (City) Dreams #15

The Waiting Game

The past week has been a waiting game. While friends have gotten offers to interview on campus at various institutions, I’ve been writing new cover letters. While friends have been arranging travel plans and preparing for presentations, I have been day dreaming about getting my first phone call, offering an on-campus interview. This time is uncertain. Before, I was OK with the uncertainty, but the closer in proximity May becomes, the more I begin to question my current path.

There’s something to be said about uncertainty. Some are able to dwell in possibilities, others in fear. For me, I dwell in memories of being a student and reflect upon what life will be like next year without class, the faculty, and homework assignments. I reflect upon what it will be like without having a cohort of 25 people who are truly supportive, and have been my partners through the past two transformative years of my life. The thought of the “real world”, making new friends, orienting myself to a new network of colleagues is both terrifying and exciting. These challenges are certainly not ones that I have experienced before, nor are they ones that my past reflection has truly prepared me for.

So far, I have ten active applications out. I'm waiting to hear back from two second round interviews, have declined one on-campus offer, and have been removed from the candidate process from two positions. This semester has been quite the whirlwind! I can't wait to see what else is in store!

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