Monday, April 30, 2012

Take Me as I am, Hire Me, or Leave Me 21

Trust the Process.

I have heard these words over and over again since I've started grad school. Trust the process, trust the process. What does that mean exactly? These were words spoken to me,  which I never understood until Friday. After waiting, and waiting and more waiting I finally got a phone call in the  afternoon. "Congratulations, we would love for you to join our team!" My stomach did a few flip-flops, a smile appeared on my face, tears were rolled down my face as I said YES on the spot! There was no need of negotiation or time to think about it, this IS the perfect fit for me. Words can not express my excitement. After getting off the phone I let out a very loud WOOOHOOOO!! My co-workers came running to my office.. "What happened"  they asked at once!  "I got the job!!" I told them with tears in my eyes! After all the hugs, high fives and congratulations it was time to call my mentors & friends.  The best moment of the day was watching my family's reaction to my announcement. It was priceless, words cannot describe it.   

As I spent the weekend on cloud 9 reflecting,  I wondered how I got so lucky. This job is everything I wanted: a small private Catholic women's college,  in res life working in a first year hall in a great region both for NASPA and housing.   Only 48 women's colleges remain and only 7 positions were open.. and I got one of them. AMAZING. . I don't think this happens very often.. I mean everything I want, one interview and a job offer.  So this is what it means to trust the process. 

My advice for those still searching is:  know what you want,  do your research, be proactive, and trust the process. There is a job for everyone, just keep an open mind and a positive attitude:) 

I will have to say  I am very, very blessed. For the experiences I've had in undergrad and grad school, the support from my mentors and from the Twitter community. Thank you. 

There's a quote that says:
"You are exactly where you are supposed to be at this moment, no matter where you are and no matter what you have done – you are right where you are supposed to be. " Unknown

I am right where I am suppose to be; moving to the Midwest, with a wonderful staff, at a wonderful university. They took me for who I am, and HIRED ME!!!

Thank you for joining me on my very short journey, I hope you enjoyed it. 


  1. As a young professional in Student Affairs who has been following your blog...I love it. Congrats!