Thursday, May 3, 2012

Small Town, Big (City) Dreams #20

Presentation Time

I am now completely done with graduate school.

And yet, I am completely overwhelmed with my assistantship. This is the busiest time of year, helping over 200 college women move out in a little under 48 hours.  Not to mention it is almost 90 degrees!  As I am sitting at our checkout table, I continue to work on my presentation for my on-campus interview less than a week from today.

I’m a great ideas person.  When it comes to enacting those ideas in a way that others would understand…I kind of falter.  I think it is because I am so incredibly excited about what I usually present on that I make a lot of assumptions as far as what the audience already knows.

The prompt stated “20 minutes professional development topic of your choosing”.  Originally, I thought the topic would be incredibly easy, but after some time I realize that it is challenging to demonstrate 1. My intellectual curiosity and successes; 2. My intellectual curiosity without sounding too abstract or over the top; 3. My ability to translate theory to practice; 4. An engaging topic that will be relevant to my future profession.

Perhaps I am overthinking it.

As I prepare for this one on-campus, I think about all the other institutions that I have interviewed with over the course of the past few weeks.  I will need to notify them that I am moving forward in my search.  While I have prepared for that conversation, it seems much more real as the time approaches.

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