Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Small Town, Big (City) Dreams #21

On-Campus Jitters

As I sit in the airport to board my last flight before my first on-campus interview, my stomach is churning with excitement. Last night, I put the final touches on my presentation, and tonight I plan on ensuring that it is under 20 minutes! I think it turned out very well...yet it was hard to finish because of graduation weekend and the craziness of my family visiting and saying goodbye to friends. It felt like another class presentation...but with much more at stake. I'm very proud of it; it clearly demonstrated the theory to practice I learned over the past two years!!

Yesterday, I was reviewing the employer's conditions of employment and was a little taken aback. The institution does not allow overnight guests when school is in session! Wow! Since I will be moving far away from family and friends, I would probably be having visitors during my off days. If I wasn't able to do this...I'm not sure how I would survive! As I was speaking with my current supervisor, she recommended that I ask, "can you help me understand the context of this policy?". I plan on asking the director, with whom I have already established good rapport, at the end of the day.

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