Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take Me As I am, Hire Me, or Leave Me 24

It's Time to Relax!

Last week at this time, I was completing the final step of my graduate degree,  I was taking my comps.
I tried climbing into my bed at 9:30pm but visions of theories, laws, human needs model, current issues, and Schwarz facilitation model was running through my head. It was well after 12:30 when I finally  said to myself , " YOU ARE READY TO TAKE THIS TEST, NOW GO TO SLEEP." 

I woke up at 6:15 to make sure I gave myself plenty of time to eat, enjoy a cup of coffee and look over my notes one last time. Mix emotions were running through my body, I was more excited than nervous. As I walked over to the testing center I saw my mentor on her way to work. She stopped,  gave me a big hug, looked me in the eyes and said " I believe in you, you are going to kick some butt." I appreciate her last minute supportive words as I entered the classroom. I arrived at 7:45am for a 8 am start. Because I have special accommodations I had a room to myself with my own computer as well as 2 extra hours. I entered the room and nothing was set up. REALLY?!?! I thought to myself. I hoped this would go smoothly. I've learned that in the field of Student Affairs we must roll with the punches, and I sat their as calmly as I could until the computer guy to set me up.  Finally, 45 minutes later ( a half hour late) I was ready to begin.
Our comps are broken up into two parts; part 1 ( the morning) is our conflict resolution classes and part two  ( the afternoon) is our student affairs classes. The program provides a case study that we use for the entire day. Each part has 5 questions, we choose two. The case study this year was about protesting and the pepper spray innocent that happened at UC Davis. I am happy with the case study and the questions they asked. I think I did rather well, but won't get my results for 4-6 weeks.

I am happy the test is behind me and I can finally relax! 

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