Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Take Me As I am, Hire Me, or Leave Me 23

 A Little Test Called Comps

42+ hours of studying + gallons of coffee+ 8 hours of test taking =  a very brain dead, sleep deprived, yet, proud woman:)

I started off my day off  by receiving a good luck prayer from my soon to be boss, followed by a text from my soon to be co-worker. I love when I have moments like this, where I'm reminded that I made the best decision in the world to work for this university. They have been nothing but supportive, cheering me on for the past two weeks! I am blessed.

Once I read all the tweets, texts and Facebook messages from all my family, friends and mentors I was ready to tackle that test. Our day was broken down into two parts. The morning focused on our conflict resolution classes, while the afternoon focused on Student Affairs with only an hour break. By lunch I was tired, hungry and brain dead. But after spending sometime with my fellow classmates  to life up my spirits and energy eat I was ready to finish strong. By 5pm I had completed the test. What a long day.  As soon as I walked out of the room I started to cry tears of joy. This four year journey has come to an end. There were so  many bumps, twists and turns that I had to overcome to get to this point, but there was just as many moments of laughter, love and growth.

To my support system, Thank you for cheering me on, believing when I didn't believe in myself.
To the people who told me NO, you won't make it, your not worthy.. I thank you the most for lighting a fire under my butt & for the motivation to keep going.

I am excited to be done, now it's time to wait for graduation and countdown until I start my new job!
Everything is falling into place and I can't be more grateful.

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