Saturday, May 26, 2012

Small Town, Big (City) Dreams #23

Hired and Some Wisdom for the Future

Its official!  I accepted my job offer two days ago.  I am very excited to begin working on July 9th!  There was not much negotiation that I needed to do because I was satisfied with salary, start date, and responsibilities.  So all in all, the job search process was relatively smooth despite periods of uncertainty.

Now, I believe over half of my cohort is employed.  Many individuals are in the on-campus stage, while some are continuing to apply to new postings.  For many, this month is one of transition—moving home or to a new city/state to begin working, saying goodbye to assistantship providers, colleagues, and friends, and trying to negotiate our existence with the cohort and a familiarity that we once took for granted.

For those that are still looking: you are amazing and will find a position and institution that is perfect for you.  Believe in the power of the second wave—good things will happen.  If not, hey, this is the first of many job searches and something wonderful will come along soon. 

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